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Far and Near Guitar Tablature
Very Livley! Palm muting during the verse and a whack of distortion sounds great during the Chorus! :D

          A     D            A                E       D         A
Far and near hear the call worship him Lord of all
   A         D          A             E                D           A
Families of nations come celebrate what God has done

Deep and wide is the love heaven sent from above
God’s own son for sinners died rose again He is alive

           A    A/C#            D
Say it loud          say it strong 
              B7    Bm                    A
Tell the world what God has done
           A    A/C#               D
Say it loud      praise His name
                          B7   D                  A
Let the earth rejoice for the Lord reigns

At His name let praise begin oceans roar nature sings
For He comes to judge the earth in  righteousness
And in His truth
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