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I've Found Jesus! Guitar Tablature
Well I Hear They’re Singing In The Streets
(I’ve Found Jesus)

	E (D)                                                     A (G)
Well I hear they’re singing in the street that Jesus us alive

   	E (D)	A (G)
And all creation shouts aloud that Jesus is alive

	E(D)	A(G)
Now surely we can all be changed ‘cos Jesus is alive

	E(D)	A (D)
And everybody here can know that Jesus is alive

	C#m7	(Bm7)	  A(G)	E (D)                         B(A)
And I will live for all my days to raise a banner of truth and light

	C#m7(Bm7)	   A(G)	E(D)
To sing about my Saviour’s love and the best thing that happened

Was the day I met you

	E (D)  A(G)               E(D)    A(G)
I’ve found Jesus, I’ve found Jesus

	E(D)    A(G)               E(D)    A(G)
I’ve found Jesus, I’ve found Jesus

Well I feel like dancing in the streets ‘cos Jesus is alive
To join with all who celebrate that Jesus is alive
The joy of God is in this town ‘cos Jesus is alive
For everybody’s seen the truth that Jesus is alive

	C#m7(Bm7)	A (G)
Well you lifted me from where I was, set my feet upon a rock

	F#m7 (Em7)	A(G)
Humbled that you even know about me

	C#m7(Bm7)		A(G)
Know I have chosen to believe, believing that you’ve chosen me

	F#m7(Em7)	A(G)
I was lost but now I’ve found
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