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The Confrontation Lyrics

Album/Collection: Miss Saigon - Bangkok, October 1978 (Ii)
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(CHRIS and JOHN enter)

we could not find her anywhere
honey, what's wrong?

Kim was here
the one who had to tell her was me

oh, my God, it's my fault

I knew we were gone too long!

no, I think it's exactly what I had to see
there are some things that you left out all right
she wants her husband to go to her place tonight

that's not how things were, I just promised her

it's the same to her

don't explain
there's nothing you can say
it's like she went insane
she tried to give away
her own child

she wants her son to be an American boy

don't you see, she still thinks she's married to you
you must tell her she's not, she must hear it from you
'course it only depends if it's true

please don't doubt me Ellen: you're my wife
lots of guys came back and had no life
I had you

you can say what you want but she's borne you a son
in your nightmares the name that you shouted was hers
you've been with me two years and not shared things you've done
don't hold back
let me see
is it her now
or me?

let me tell you the way it was
back when I was a different man
back when I didn't have a clue who I am
the feelings locked behind a dam
that kept me there in Vietnam

there in the shambles of a war
I found what I was looking for
Saigon was crazed, but she was real
and for one moment, I could feel

I saw a world I never knew
and through her eyes I suffered too
in spite of all the things that were
I started to believe in her

so I wanted to save her, protect her
Christ, I'm American, how could I fail to do good?
all I made was a mess, just like everyone else
in a place full of mystery that I never once understood!
I wanted back a world I knew
the story of my life began again
with you

ELLEN                                  CHRIS
it's all right now, I'm with you       oh Ellen, I should have told you
we'll get through this, we'll          will you ever trust me again?
                  [pull through
all I want                             all I have
in my life                             in my life now
is you                                 is you

(CHRIS and ELLEN decide, against JOHN'S advice, to go to KIM'S club
to convince her that their only possible choice is to support her and TAM
in Bangkok. KIM has returned to the Club and lies to the ENGINEER,
telling him that CHRIS is overjoyed and will arrive later that evening to
take them all to America.)

The Confrontation Lyrics

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