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The Dance Lyrics

Album/Collection: Miss Saigon - Saigon, April 1975
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(JOHN has seen CHRIS'S interest in KIM and goes off to buy her for the
night from the ENGINEER as a surprise for his friend.)

(Across the room, the ENGINEER speaks to KIM.)

see little princess, I was right
you are the first to score tonight
you caught that sergeant by the nose
you stay with him until he goes
call him Chris
he'll like that

that marine
wants his beer

you said you needed a job
you said you'd turn a trick
you'd better prove it, and quick!

(he leads KIM to CHRIS)

(A MARINE begins to play the saxophone. CHRIS and KIM start to
dance. For a long time they don't speak. Finally:)

my name is Kim

(trying to do her job)

I like you Chris

what's going on?
you don't like her?

oh, yes I do

I like him too

take her away

take me away
don't say a word
just come with me

The Dance Lyrics

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