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Peter's Denial Lyrics

Album/Collection: Jesus Christ Superstar
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(Maid by the Fire)
I think I've seen you somewhere
I remember
You were with that man
They took away
I recognize your face

You've got the wrong man, lady
I don't know him
And I wasn't where
He was tonight
Never near the place

That's strange
For I am sure I saw you with him
You were right by his side
And yet you deny it?

I tell you
I was never ever with him

(Old Man)
But I saw you too
It looked just like you


(Mary Magdalene)
Peter don't you know what you have said
You've gone and cut him dead

I had to do it
Don't you see?
Or else they'd go for me

(Mary Magdalene)
It's what he told us you would do
I wonder how he knew?

Peter's Denial Lyrics

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